‘Stranger Things’ Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix

Bust out the celebratory waffles!

This news will make you beam like a string of Christmas lights.

Netflix has renewed “Stranger Things,” the Duffer brothers’ heartfelt, nostalgia-heavy sci-fi series, for a third season.

The news, coming on the heels of a second season released in late October that turned things totally upside down, is making fans of the show way more than halfway happy.

Netflix does not release viewership information, but according to Nielsen, 361,000 people binged all nine episodes of the second season the first day they were available. Three days after the Season 2 release, 15.8 million viewers had watched the premiere episode.

The second season was highly promoted by the streaming service — they even ran an ad during Super Bowl LI — and it has been well-received by critics.

Netflix has not released a premiere date for the third season, but the Duffer brothers confirmed to Yahoo Entertainment this month that there will have to be a significant lapse in time between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3.

“It will have to be somewhat of a time gap, because the kids are, I mean, they already look so much older,” Ross Duffer said. “No matter what we want to do, I remember when we were originally talking about Season 2, we wanted to just start it in Christmas and just go from there, but then we realized the kids are just too old, so we had to jump forward. Even the latest trailer, we had to loop a line with [Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas]. He sounds like a man now. It creeps me out. He’s going to be driving to set next year.”

“It seems very wrong,” Matt Duffer added. “The minute I see Caleb drive up, I’m probably going to pass out.”

Until then, some fans on Reddit are having a good time fantasizing about what they’d like to see in the next season.

All in all, the fact that the show is officially coming back for a third season is pretty bitchin’.

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