By jinky, the Cleveland Steamer herself Jean Schmidt was right: it's all about cut n' run!

The Republican playbook is becoming clearer and clearer. It's Rummy's dreamed-of Light and Fast army in action.

Think about it: almost every month or two a big stink is whipped up over some terrifying new disclosure about the President and all he stands for which then cues the twin brigades of the chinless and the clueless to shake their rakes in time with their carbohydrate-encrusted rumps. And right when it finally registers to everyone what a load of horse-muffins it all is, they dump that and move on to the next "grassroots movement".

(BTW, grass is actually kept perpetually stunted, like an army of thin, green castrati, in order to assure its rigid uniformity. I think I read that somewhere, or just assumed it.)

It's because the Repustules have an utterly insubstantial platform, as non-existent as their patriotism but just as noisy and messy. It's as if they're running a low rent day care center for disenfranchised kids, tossing them oak tag and paints while Fux Noose blares away in the background and then turning 'em loose whenever they hear the bell rung by Papa Ailes.

After running anti-Obama and anti-health care propaganda 24 hours a day and making the White House as homey as Hell House, you'd think they'd follow up by demonstrating to their gape-mouthed masses just what a crypto commie demon the prez is. Nope. They won't run Obi Wan Kobama's speech because they don't want facts competing with their stream of crackpot hypnotic suggestions.

These little skirmishes -- dare I day blitzkriegs? -- work well at sowing short lived confusion. Which is why the Repooplican't's playbook looks like a stack of post-its, a series of two or three word memos that are ripped off and slapped onto John and Jane DOH!'s foreheads for them to follow to the letter. And then they get a cookie.

Apré le health care address will of course signal the next infantile color-war event, maybe the fact that Michelle's clothes are made by aborted fetuses who have been nursed back to life by Marxist Nazi Muslims with funding from ACORN.

I swear it's true. To the streets!