Stratocam, Google Earth Reveal The World's Most Beautiful Places (PHOTOS)

Google Earth's Stunning Images Of Earth

Google Earth has long been a favorite for techies, people bored at work and armchair travelers. Now there is even more reason to play with the awesome mapping service.

The Daily Mail reports that Paul Rademacher, a former Dreamworks and Google employee, has created Stratocam, a collection of aerial images from Google Earth that allows visitors to vote on their appeal.

Visitors to Stratocam can also add their favorite images, essentially creating a massive database of awesome photos of the planet.

The photos range from the unidentifiable -- abstract seeming pictures of a neighborhood in Arizona -- to the iconic -- snapshots of Paris, Dubai's Palm Island and Pompeii.

The images just go to show how insanely beautiful our big planet is. Here are our favorites.

All photos from Google Earth.

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Seville, Spain