Strauss-Kahn and the Pope

What's the connection? The "common cord?" What on earth could possibly connect these two other than hair color?. Certainly not religion. Equally not any professional association. So what's the link? Actually -- there are two. The first being the obvious: sex. Both have a certain degree of problems/challenges owing to their communication style regarding the subject. More accurately, their lack of communication. And their common refusal to accept responsibility for their actions.

The second, less obvious is: Power. Strauss-Kahn has the power of (his wife's) money to insulate him from the blue meanies of responsibility. Pope Benedict has the power of Holiness. The world's best shield. (Not to forget also the Pope has the Vatican bank in his pocket.)

Bottom line : Strauss-Kahn and the Pope fly above the accepted radar of responsibility/accountability.

France is still waiting (and I suspect it will be a lllllong wait) for DSK to (in the words of Martine Aubry, the leader of his political party) "explain himself." To tell the world what it, understandably wants to know: What really happened in your hotel room? Now that you've been excused from facing the music, why would you not want to be "transparent?" Why would you not want to demonstrate humility? Especially when it wold be a"win-win" situation -- the right thing to do, and a "confidence-builder" for your renewed political career?

Germany is waiting for Pope Benedict. With daggers. He's not the prodigal son in the land of Schnitzel and Oktoberfest. And you can probably guess why -- can you not? When the "Holy One" arrives later this month, he'll be "welcomed" with a series massive anti-Pope demonstrations. Starting from the moment he gets off the plane. Even though these (as we say here in France) "manifestations", are fueled by the gay and lesbian communities -- there seems to be an attitude at all levels of society -- politicans included -- that the planned protests are kosher. (no p.c. comments pleeze!)

The largest "Anti-Popeism" will go down, not surprisingly in Berlin. Where gay/lesbian groups, AIDS awareness organizations and 55 family planning associations will (vocally, no doubt) let "his Holiness" known what they think of his statements/positions on the subjects near and dear to them. Not the least of which will be his "inaction" on 20 plus years of pedophile priests.

And it's not just Germany either. "SNAP" -- an American association for the victims of pedophile priests has filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice at the Hague, charging Pope Benoit with "crimes against humanity" for his knowledge of, and inaction against, pedophile priests.

In their 10,000 page brief, which documents pedophilia cases, the organization also charges three high ranking Vatican officials, saying they, and the Pope during his tenure overseeing pedophilia complaints "tolerated and made possible the systematic and largely widespread camouflage of rapes and sexual crimes against children, worldwide."

So -- more bullets fired at the shield of "Holiness." Strong enough to pierce it?

Strauss-Kahn will undoubtedly not be hit by the rape accusation bullet of Tristane Banon. The young French journalist who claims that "The Great Seducer" tried to have his wicked way with her in 2003. For two reasons. Most importantly -- no physical evidence. Also, considering the media circus surrounding DSK's New York "adventure", and considering the power/influence Strauss-Kahn has here in France -- it would be political suicide for anyone foolish enough to proceed.

Strauss-Kahn and the Pope. You get the connections now -- do you not? And, equally, you get the ramifications for the rest of us.

What I'm wondering is -- if these two guys ever sat down to have a beer together -- what would the first topic of conversation be?