Avoid Streaky Foundation With These 3 Makeup Tips

3 Makeup Mistakes That Are Giving You Streaky Foundation

If you're applying your foundation with your fingers, stop doing that now. According to celebrity makeup artist Troy Jensen, that is one of the biggest mistakes women make that leads to streaky foundation. So in a fast-paced, BB cream-filled world, what is the best method for applying liquid foundation? Well, it starts with using the right makeup brush.

Jensen, whose star-studded client list includes the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel McAdams, walks us through the three basic steps to avoiding streaks.

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1. Use a small, fluffy brush like Make Up For Ever #152 to achieve an airbrushed finish. (Sponges like the Beauty Blender should only be used for full coverage.)

2. Squeeze one to three small pumps of liquid foundation into the palm of your hand. Then swirl the tip of the makeup brush around to get the perfect amount of coverage.

3. Jensen recommends applying foundation in a circular motion to gently buff the product onto your skin. (Dragging the brush against your skin like it's stretched canvas is a no-no.)

These application tricks will not only prevent streaks, says Jensen, but also help to minimize the amount of foundation you use and create a flawless "film" that can be layered with additional product where necessary.

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