Street Art Murals From All 196 Countries In The World Show We’re Not That Different After All

From lesser populated countries to global superpowers, here are works of street art for every country in the world. A total of 196 works to be exact.

We mined through countless photos on graffiti websites and social media networks -- curating pieces that tend to be the most popular on the Internet to come up with a photo journey of street art from around the world. 

In the abbreviated list below, you will find several small countries whose street art culture is not as big as those in countries that are more urbanized. You can see that while some pieces are definitely more famous, art is still something that binds us all together no matter our differences and size of the country we live in.

1. Afghanistan

Artist: Shamsia Hassani
Title: ”Dreaming Graffiti at Darulaman Palace”
Location: The Darulaman Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Artists: Lonac and Artez
Title: “Find Your Way To Fly”
Location: Banja Luke, Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Colombia

Artist: JADE
Title: N/A
Location: Bogota, Colombia


4. Estonia

Artist: MTO
Title: N/A
Location: Tartu, Estonia

5. French Polynesia

Artist(s): SETH and HTJ
Title: N/A
Location: Tahiti, French Polynesia

6. Greenland

Artist: Guido van Helten
Title: N/A
Location: Nuuk, Greenland

7. Jordan

Artist: Stik
Title: N/A
Location: Amman, Jordan

8. Liberia

Artist: Nanook
Title: N/A
Location: West Point, Liberia

9. Madagascar

Artist: Jace
Title: N/A
Location: Anakao, Madagascar

10. Mongolia

Artist: 2501
Title: “Nomadic Experiments”
Location: Ulan Bator, Mongolia

11. Oman

Artist: Gravity
Title: N/A
Location: Muscat, Oman

12. Panama

Artist: ROA
Title: N/A
Location: Panama City, Panama

13. Sri Lanka

Artist: Phlegm
Title: N/A
Location: Tangalla, Sri Lanka

14. Turkey

Artist: INTI
Title: N/A
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

15. Zambia

Artist: Zeh Palito
Title: N/A
Location: N/A

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