Street Artist Ernest Zacharevic Thinks Art Is Rubbish And Rubbish Is Art

Street Artist Thinks Art Is Rubbish And Rubbish Is Art

Hung high in collectors' homes or hidden away behind museum walls, 2D art can have the (often undeserved) reputation for being inaccessible. Street artist Ernest Zacharevic's recent work in George Town, Malaysia is anything but.

Zacharevic's stencilled-and-aersoled portraits are found all over the city, from unassuming alleyways and industrial spaces to the outside of 7/11s. The surfaces he paints are not interchangeable canvases -- they become an integral part of the work itself. He incorporates found objects and "rubbish" as well.

“Penang Island, with its heritage and rich blend of cultures, is an artistic inspiration in itself. I have always been fascinated by its culture and history; especially reflected in its textures, old walls and heritage shop houses,” says Zacharevic to Juxtapoz Magazine of the island where George Town is located.

As a result, his art invites not only collaboration, but participation. We personally think the best shots in the video are those that show people approaching and posing with the painting of the little boy on the motorcycle.

No museum pass necessary.

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