JR Turns the Bronx Inside Out

JR Turns the Bronx Inside Out
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It's summertime and the street art is easy. With the assistance of French street artist JR and his project "Inside Out," it's been easier than ever this summer for people of all stripes to take over the public space with their faces and personal stories. At his offering, thousands of people worldwide have sent photos of themselves digitally and received them back printed to post proudly in their local environs.

2011-07-27-brooklynstreetartjrthebronxjaimerojo0711web24.JPGJR "Inside Out" Project, The Bronx, New York 2011 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Of course street artists like Fauxreel, C215, Swoon, Specter and others have thoughtfully introduced neighbors into the public space with their work also, each with their individual technique, but the scale of this TED-fueled interactive project really impacts many perceptions of people, neighborhoods, and the concept of public space.

"You want LOCAL? I got yer local right heeyah."

JR recently hit up many New York spots personally and photographer Jaime Rojo chased a number of them up in the Boogie Down Bronx, where everyone seems to be seeing the world with new eyes.

JR "Inside Out" Project, The Bronx, New York

Street Artist JR Turns the Bronx Inside Out

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