Street-Fighting Santas Brawl In New York After SantaCon 2013, Earn Spots On 'Naughty' List

BAD SANTA! Drunken Santas Brawl After Bar Crawl

Ho Ho holy @#%&!

These quarrelsome Santas definitely should pen themselves in on the "naughty" list this year, after engaging in a drunken street brawl following SantaCon on the streets of New York City Saturday night. We don't know what triggered the incident, but we can be sure Mrs. Claus will be kicking Santa to the couch tonight.

SantaCon, a Santa-themed pub crawl which sees thousands of revelers in Santa costumes pour through New York's bars, has faced criticism lately for rowdy participants that imbibe too much "Christmas Spirit." Despite a push this year for SantaCon-ers to donate to charity and spread joy, "Not terror. Not vomit. Not trash," the video, titled "Santapocalypse NYC 2013," won't be helping their case much.

Enjoy the lumps of coal, Santas -- and the lumps on your heads, to boot.

(Warning: video contains explicit language and violence.)
WATCH the video, below:

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