Woman's Secret Video Recordings Let Street Harassers Embarrass Themselves

Woman's Secret Video Recordings Let Street Harassers Embarrass Themselves

"I'm from Ohio. Where I'm from, we holler at women."

One man's attempt to justify street harassment didn't satisfy Lindsey, a 28-year-old women from Minneapolis who filmed the man catcalling her.

The activist, who asks to be identified by her first name only, made headlines last year when her Craigslist missed-connection post calling out a street harasser went viral. She has since created Cards Against Street Harassment, a website providing wallet-size cards that women can print and hand out to catcallers. The cards list some sobering credentials: all the ways street harassment is wrong.

street harassment

Recently, Lindsey began secretly filming her interactions with street harassers, and uploading the encounters to YouTube. A collection of confrontations many women dodge on a daily basis, the resulting channel is more than scary.

"Can I ask you why you think women on the street want to hear what strange men think about them?" she asks two men who crossed the street to heckle her.

"I wish I had a clip of the part where this guy told me if I didn't like the attention I should wear a burqa," the video description for the same encounter reads.

street harassment

Lindsey told BuzzFeed that her aim is to capture the "cumulative daily impact" of street harassment and to show harassers what unwanted attention feels like. “The filming provides [harassers] a platform to embarrass themselves in a way that they’ve already embarrassed me,” she said.

Hats off to Lindsey for her bravery -- and perhaps some of the men she's confronted will think twice next time they feel compelled to "compliment" a lady on the street.

Watch more of Lindsey's videos here.

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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