Watch Men Explain Why They Harass Women On The Street

Apparently, this is a real justification for catcalling: "If you have a beautiful body, why can't I say something?"

In the wake of the recent viral video that showed a woman being catcalled 108 times over 10 hours, Gothamist partnered with production company Marabigo to try to find out why men harass women on the street.

They interviewed New Yorkers about their experiences catcalling and being catcalled, and the responses offered insight into the thought processes of men who catcall women. Reasons men harass a woman include: to appear macho within a group of friends, to exercise one's right to free speech, and to express attraction.

A number of men also cited women's attractive clothing as a reason to single them out.

"If a girl comes out in tight leggings, and you can see something back there... I'm saying something," one teenage boy said.

The women interviewed in the video explain how uncomfortable being catcalled makes them feel, and speculate as to why men do it. As for avoiding it, none of the female participants had an answer. Luckily, a guy weighed in with advice for women who don't want to be harassed: "Try not to wear tight clothes." Thanks, dude. Very useful.

Watch the full video above.


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