Street Justice


Today is a FANTASTIC day!

Why, you may ask?

Well, because there's one less piece of fecal matter roaming the streets preying on innocent women and children.

Have you heard the news?

Earlier today in New York City a man received a frantic call from his wife that some dirtbag was trying to rape her.

Apparently the lowlife forced his way into the couple's apartment, tore off the woman's clothes and assaulted her for the better part of 20 minutes until her husband arrived on the scene.

The husband, later identified as Mamadou Diallo, arrived home to find his battered wife lying naked in the hallway and the rapist trying to escape out of the back of their apartment building.

So what did Mr. Diallo do?

Well, he did what any of us would do if the love of our life was being assaulted in front of our very eyes.

He grabbed a tire iron and beat the life out of the man.


Authorities say the rapist (some trouser stain named Earl Nash) died at the scene from severe blunt head and body trauma.

Like I said, it's a glorious day indeed.

Especially since it turns out this guy had FOURTEEN prior arrests and had also pled guilty to stabbing, beating and sexually abusing an underage girl.

But instead of thanking the husband for taking this low-life off the streets, the cops cuffed and stuffed him. He's now charged with assault and could face a manslaughter rap too.


That ain't right.

This guy should be given a damn medal, a parade in his honor AND the keys to the City Of New York!

Not only did he do society a favor by removing a rapist from the gene pool, he also saved the taxpayers a bunch of money and ensured that never again will this lowlife prey on an innocent and helpless woman.

For THAT he should be REWARDED.

NOT punished.

Now I'm all for the rule of law and that someone is innocent until proven guilty, but sometimes there's no justice quite like street justice.

THIS is one of those times.

As the father of two daughters and someone who cherishes everything about the beauty and richness women bring to the world, nothing nauseates me quite like a rapist.

Any man who would violate the beauty and sanctity of a woman DESERVES to be clubbed with a piece of forged steel until his vital signs flatline.

So Mr. Diallo, on behalf of myself and men of principle and integrity around the world, we salute you. You did the right thing by taking out the trash and any one of us would have done the same.

And to the District Attorney of the State Of New York, I ask that YOU do the right thing.

Don't file charges of any sort against Mr. Diallo.

Allow his wife and him the opportunity to rebuild their lives in the wake of this traumatic event free from bureaucratic interference.

It's the right thing to do.

Austin Blood