Sandra Bland's New Legacy Will Force People To #SayHerName

Residents in Texas rallied together to ensure Bland's legacy lives on.

UPDATE: 4/18 -- The road where Sandra Bland was arrested was officially renamed in her honor during a a ceremony held on April 15. 


On July 10, Sandra Bland was arrested in Waller County, Texas after protesting a minor traffic violation. She died three days later in police custody. Her death was officially ruled a suicide by hanging, though some are suspicious.  

Bland was in town to accept a job offer from her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, when she was stopped by police officer Brian Encinia. The road where she was pulled over and apprehended, University Boulevard, is now being renamed Sandra Bland Parkway

On Tuesday, hundreds of local community residents led by Bland's family marched from the campus down University Boulevard to the Prairie View City Council, which approved the change.

"It's more than a vote, it's her legacy," said Bland's mother Geneva Reed-Veal said in a statement to the city council.

"If every time they pull over a student, they have to be reminded of what took place here, then that will help the relationship to be more respectful between the officers and the students," marcher Hannah Bonner told a local ABC News Station.

Sandra Bland Dies In Jail