Streets Where Dreams Come Alive

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When I first heard the song Empire State of Mind, I was blown. I felt like my voice synced with Alicia Keys every time I heard those notes. I almost felt like she took the words right out of my bones and played a piano on it. And Jay-Z, no matter how much I hated on him, he knew how to make a song rock. I didn't just love the song because of the artists; I loved it because of the message underneath the lyrics.

You see a lot of us ride on various tides and generally hope to step on streets that would herald our dreams. We want to feel the heartbeat of a city that welcomes the diversity of our ideas. New York gave me that high. Or the thought of it. The thought that you can do and be anything you want to be in that city is amazing. The reality of the Statue of Liberty towering over you, the artistic feel of the museum or the Central Park is just awesome for words. The sweet smell of hustle and the deep hunger to succeed against all odds is almost contagious. Almost feels like the Lagos City of Nigeria. And then Vegas. Las Vegas.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Seeing as I haven't yet visited the sin city, it's allowed if I talk as much about the city as I desire. Everyone ought to visit that city at least once in their lifetime. The lounges, casinos, parties, should be experienced at least one time. Everyone needs to own a secret that's lost in the Las Vegas wind. It almost feels like a necessity.

Traveling has always been an intoxicating experience. Wherever it is I'm privileged to go, I'm excited, humbled, exhilarated at the people, culture and unique signature experience I gather. Once I was in Dubai and almost held my breath the entire stay. It was immaculately beautiful. Most times we're lost in all the activities of life, and tend to forget that beauty, so much beauty, still exist.

Dreamers have searched for pastures where the land is green. They have travelled long and far to places where the streets inspire them to dream and achieve. Sometimes, it's just as simple as a dream to shake the hands of Obama once before he leaves office, or to pitch that incredible idea to Mark Zuckerberg. Being in a place where beauty reigns and systems are guided by laid down structure somehow inspires idea generation.

While you wonder which cities to visit to expand the frontiers of your imagination and get your creative juices flowing, may I recommend New York? The city breathes possibilities in my humble opinion. When you're not chasing your dreams, there are amazing restaurants, resorts, museums and more you could explore. The city would no doubt leave you speechless.