The Brawny Man just became the Brawny Woman.

A new video campaign from paper towel brand Brawny tells consumers that #StrengthHasNoGender by transforming their iconic Brawny Man into a woman. For the past five decades, the Brawny Man has served as the face of Brawny paper towel products. Known for his manly mustache, red flannel shirt and "brawny" strength, the Brawny Man is a famous example of American masculinity.

But women can be "brawny" too.

Published on Tuesday to celebrate International Women's Day, one of the campaign videos features women protesting, scaling the side of a mountain, flying an airplane and doing other equally badass things.

"Today and every day, we celebrate women everywhere whose personal stories of strength and resilience have inspired the rest of us to reach higher and push further in the pursuit of our own dreams," Brawny's website reads.

The campaign features four notable women discussing how they've found power and strength in their own careers. WNBA player Swin Cash, CEO and president of Alvarado Construction Linda Alvarado, firefighter Maureen Stoecklin and dean and president of Morehouse School of Medicine Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice all appear.

Each woman is featured in a short video wearing the famous Brawny Man red flannel and discussing the obstacles they've had to overcome in their lives.

“Strength isn’t defined by the man or the woman," Cash says in a video. "Strength is defined by the person.”

Hey, this might just be a commercial gimmick, but at least it's a pretty empowering one.


Head over to Brawny to read more about the campaign.

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