The 'Very Strong Connection' Between Stress And Digestion (VIDEO)

The stress you experience every day may be making itself known in your intestines.

Gastroenterologist Roshini Raj joined HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd to discuss the way mental tension can negatively affect the digestion process.

"There is a very strong connection between our brains and our guts," Raj said.

The doctor clarified that it's a myth that stress causes ailments like ulcers, but it does make them much worse if they've already developed in the body.

"The same neurotransmitters that we release when we're anxious or stressed can cause our intestines to either start churning and move too quickly, which could cause diarrhea, or even the opposite: It could move too slowly and cause constipation," she said. "Pretty much any [gastrointestinal] condition across the board can be made worse by stress."

Catch the full conversation about how healthy digestion can make you happier at HuffPost Live HERE.

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