Stress: It's A Killer

For me, it's been a very hectic and hairy couple of months. I moved into a new home, launched a new business, and began schooling. All this on top of a new relationship, tackling another full-time job and trying to still do the little things that have to be done each day.

Needless to say, I have felt some stress. But as I crept closer to the breaking point one day recently, I remembered something my dad once said to me --

"Stress is only for those that can't handle their circumstances."

Apparently, he thought I could handle my circumstances then and I bet he would say the same thing to me now. I, on the other hand, have some doubt about the simplicity behind my dad's advice.

Circumstances can be intense and beyond our control. However, I have found that working to balance my mental, emotional and physical well being is the best way to ensure I am equipped to deal with stress.

  • Physically
Am I getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods consistently and shedding excess stress and energy through exercise? When I don't sleep well, I respond to stress irrationally and out of emotion. When I fill up on carbs and caffeine, my blood sugar dips and dives and my moods follows right along. When I don't exercise, it all piles up and I toss and turn with so much on my mind.. then I don't sleep well and the whole cycle starts over again.
  • Emotionally
Do I have an emotional outlet, someone to talk to and a way to refill my person?Emotional outlets are important to keep from suffering emotional outbursts and breakdowns. Personally, I journal to help relieve emotional pressure. You may choose to sing, cry, dance, or whatever is that release for you. Do it often, don't wait until you explode. Having that best friend and confidant is important. Share and share often. Refill your person with something that speaks to your soul. Maybe it's a bubble bath, a long walk, reading a book, spending some time alone. Whatever refills your soul is good and will keep you emotionally in check.
  • Mentally
Am I feeding my mind with positive messages and do I surround myself with positive people? Positive in means positive out. You become like the five people you hang around with the most. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you avoid negative people who want to bring you down or have nothing positive to say.

Remember that all three elements work together to create a healthier, happier you! Don't dismiss the simple steps -- they pack a powerful positive punch.

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