Stress Less: 30 Things <em>You</em> Decided Are Not Worth Stressing Over

Our readers refuse to get upset by traffic jams, wrinkles in their kids' clothes and more.
01/29/2013 08:35am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

It's no secret that too much stress is bad. Research has shown that chronic stress -- as well as poor ability to deal with it -- is associated with heart problems, depression, mood disorders, worse outcomes for cancer patients, and even brain shrinkage.

So in an effort to try to kick some stress to the curb, we asked you to think of one thing you've given up stressing over. Some of our favorite responses from Facebook and Twitter:

1. What others say
- Linda Huebschwerlen

2. ... UNrealistic schedules. Setting REALISTIC schedules in 2013
- @Open_Circles

3. Mondays
- Jackie Leigh

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4. Looking how people think I should look
- @bgg2wl

5. Getting older. It's a fact of life, so I decided my vanity isn't a good enough excuse to stress over it
- @mssackstein

6. Anything that you can do nothing to change
- Jaki Whyte

7. Friends who don't invest the same amount of effort in the relationship as what you invest
- Kekoa Cambra

8. My flu vaccine failing to protect me from the flu
- Frances Harriet

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9. Failed relationships
- Susan Tucker

10. Whether anyone else believes in my dream
- @SeekWisdomPCW

11. Other people's lives
- @Fi_Satriastanti

12. Money
- Susie Patenode

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13. Fashion, hair, relationships
- Louise Patterton

14. Things that keep happening to my body like skin cancer that has to be cut out. Scars are scars and I can't help them
- Katie Chisholm

15. Gossips/Liars
- Stevie Bunch

16. Cheese-grater abs
- @peterkowalewski

17. Traffic jams
- Vilas Edwards

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18. De-cluttering the house when I am the only one it bothers, I will have a junk floor and a company-worthy main floor
- Niurys Antomarchy

19. I don't think anything is worth stressing about. It never helps the situation, it just perpetuates the issue causing useless drama. Let it go and let God!
- Lisa Stalvey

20. Whatever hasn't happened yet and the past. Every mistake is a lesson
- @nygirlMarina

21. Achieving perfection with everything! #stressless with an honest effort and let the rest go #italwaysworksout
- @TDMParis

22. Wrinkles in my kids' clothes
- Allison Wagner Espinosa

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23. Everything! Why stress?
- Fran Phillips Cohen

24. Politicians!
- @V_Rav

25. My job. If at the end of the day I can say I did my best that is the best I can do
- @KnKlaus

26. The little stuff, and it's all little stuff. Don't stress about what you can't change, focus on what you can do something about, and DO IT.
- Greg Allbee

27. My kids! Making a mess/noise/you name it … Letting them just be who they are helps everyone
- @om1225

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28. Narrow minded, negative people
- Dee Fredy Graham

29. People being selfish
- Sadya Tabassum

30. What other people think of me
- Bonnie Hanmore

Tell us in the comments: What's one thing you've decided is just not worth the stress? And make sure to check out our Less Stress, More Living page for tips on living a more stress-free life. For more things you said not to stress about, click through the slideshow:

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What YOU Aren't Stressing About