Stress Out? Not Over These 14 Things, Post 50s Say

Last month, we asked post 50s what they no longer feel the need to agonize over in the world of Medicare plans and reading glasses. Many said they no longer worried about not being invited to every dinner party, getting their Christmas cards out on time or even if they were liked by their own children (every second of the day).

This week, as we mark National Stress Awareness Day -- which aims to help change behaviors and lifestyles that may lead to excessive stress -- we asked post 50s the same question again, focusing this time on stresses related to looks, health and fitness.

Elaine Rapaport said she no longer stresses over birth control usage. Julie Wicker said she could care less whether her hair is perfectly coiffed. Other midlifers once worried about keeping up with their younger peers at the gym. Not anymore.

Diane Bates said she usually doesn't respond to such questions, but that she's been through two cancers in the last two years and, now, she's finally starting to feel good.

So she has a different take on things.

"I get up in the morning and fix my hair and put on my makeup and most of all my earrings and jeans and then I enjoy my day," she said. "It just makes me feel better as life is precious and when my man looks at me I want him to see me and not a cancer patient."

Check out the slideshow below for 14 things baby boomers say they no longer stress over -- and then tell us what you've let go of in midlife, by commenting below or emailing us at



What Do You No Longer Stress Over?: Health/Appearance Edition