How To Tell If Your Stress Level Is Normal

How To Tell If Your Stress Level Is Normal

Do you handle your worries well, or do you let them spiral into something more?

We all encounter bouts of stress now and then, but when it becomes a chronic problem we're seriously threatening our health and well-being. Not sure if your anxiety is normal or something bigger? Take Popular Science's stress quiz below.

stress quiz

If your stress levels are normal...

Good! Keep them that way by continuing to prioritize your well-being, which includes getting the proper amount of sleep, monitoring your risk for burnout and exercising. A little stress is OK, but when it becomes a chronic problem, consider trying one of these stress-management techniques to get back to a state of calm.

If you're in the high-stress range...

Stress can have a huge impact on our health. Constant, high levels of anxiety could lead to a weaker immune system, stomach issues and even heart problems. Try making a little more room in your life for meditation or another calming activity to help you keep the peace. If your stress continues to become a debilitating problem, you may want to consider seeking advice from a mental health professional.

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