Stress Quotes: 7 Quotes To Help You Stop Stressing The Small Stuff Post-Split

7 Quotes That Prove Worrying Is Useless

There are few life events more stressful than ending your marriage. And for every legitimate concern you have post-split -- finding a divorce attorney, for instance, or helping the kids make the transition to life in two separate homes -- there are plenty more small worries that can weigh you down if you allow them to. (Does it really matter what your distant relatives are going to think about your divorce -- or that your ex-in-laws have unfriended you on Facebook?)

To help you let go of any small worries you may have post-split, we've assembled seven of our favorite quotes on the uselessness of worrying. Scroll down to read them, then head to the comments to add your favorite stress-relieving quotes.





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How To Let Go

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