Stress Relief Tips: 8 Quick & Easy Online Tension-Busters (LOOK)

8 Online Games That Will Help You De-Stress!

When you're feeling stressed out, browsing the interwebs probably isn't the first thing you think of as a way to unwind. Although social media and email can be anxiety-inducing, there are plenty of places on the Internet where you can go to de-stress. So the next time you're in front of your laptop and feeling anxious, instead of scrolling through your newsfeed again, try a fun, easy online stress-buster to clear your mind and help you calm down.

From a colorful kaleidoscope creator to virtual bubblewrap to pop away your worries, click through the slideshow below for eight of the most fun -- and tension-busting -- stress-relievers on the net.

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8 Quick & Easy Online Stress-Relievers

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