Stressed about the Holidays? Meditation is the Answer.

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How many times have you met someone who told you that meditation changed his or her life? You probably thought they were being a little dramatic. But meditation is scientifically proven to have a positive effects on the brain. The practice has an array of neurological benefits, from preserving the aging brain to combating anxiety and depression.

Meditation also helps women to achieve personal development in the areas of forgiveness, gratitude, balance and family, as mindfulness decreases the activity in the default mode network, the part of your brain that makes your mind wander, and causes you to worry about the past and future. In other words, meditation allows you to live in the present and truly relax.

There is no point in worrying about things we cannot control, but most women have a tendency to do so. Meditation helps us to dispel that habit. Scientists at Harvard University found that meditation actually changes the structure of the brain, especially in areas relating to emotion. This explains why it improves our psychological well-being. As you become happier and more balanced through meditation, it becomes easier to forgive, appreciate, and share a greater understanding of people around you. These benefits are among the reasons why many women turn to meditation during the holiday season.

Let's be real. Spending time with family can be stressful. So it's important to have a way to relax and avoid worrying about tensions and pressures the season brings. Meditation puts us in a better position to be understanding of behavior that might normally aggravate us, leaving us free to truly enjoy all the wonderful things about the holidays.

If you're not sure where to start with meditation and would rather learn at home where you feel fully comfortable, try a guided online class like The Infinity Call. These live sessions allow you to meditate at home, yet be virtually with thousands of women around the world. Now that really is female empowerment.

When you learn to meditate, it won't just be you that sees the benefits, your family will. Whether you're a mother, sister or daughter, your relatives will undoubtedly recognize that you are more relaxed, positive, and fun to be around. And what better way to welcome the festive season?