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A 'Stressed Out' Parody for Moms Who Miss Their Pre-Kid Lives

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The first time I heard the twenty one pilots song "Stressed Out" on the radio, it immediately caught my attention. It's so fun. And different. And quirky. My kind of song. And of course I immediately thought, "Parody!" In the song the guys sing about missing "the good old days" of their childhoods. And I was like, dude, you may be missing your childhood, but I'm missing YOUR life! You don't have kids. You can go out whenever you want. You can sleep in. You can make a phone call without someone screaming in the background. Try being a parent -- then you'll REALLY know what it's like to miss the good old days. Not that I don't ADORE my children! Let's just make that clear. But there is a lot about my pre-kid life that I miss. Like my abs.

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