Stretching: Your Secret Weapon

Start developing your secret weapon today and in just a few days you will see how stretching becomes one of life's ultimate secret weapons!
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Fact #1: Most of us know that stretching is generally good for us, improves posture and circulation, prevents injury, releases endorphins, and really only takes a few minutes to do.

Fact #2: Regardless of this knowledge, most of us don't even think of stretching daily or weekly, let alone act on the thought if we have it.

Why is this? Well, we have many things like this in our day to day human condition...part of our running list of things we know we should get to but don't quite, unless they become a fire to put out.

But did you know that stretching can be your secret weapon out there in the world? By definition, a "secret weapon" is a person or thing that others are not aware of that helps you achieve an advantage. Our world is big, vast and moves quickly. We need all of the advantages that we can get.

Here are five ways that five minutes of daily stretching becomes your very own secret weapon.

1.Stretching gets endorphins going which makes you happier, stronger, calmer, and more confident.

2.Stretching improves your posture, which is key to how another person perceives you. Good posture conveys confidence, trust, and leadership.

3.Being flexible makes sex better. It's more exciting, wild and enjoyable. Having good blood flow to your sex organs from stretching can make you feel sexier and more turned on, too.

4.Stretching enables you to be more nimble and quick while navigating everyday life. This will serve you all of the time, especially when it comes to avoiding various accidents.

5.Stretching makes you pay attention to your body for a few minutes. This has a very clearing effect on your mind. You will solve a lot of your troubles and get very inspiring ideas during your stretch time.

Job interviews, parties, sex, dating, marriage and parenting are just a few of life's challenges where your secret weapon will come in handy. If you don't know any basic stretches or are having trouble getting started, go to YouTube and search "five minute stretching," add "beginner, intermediate or advanced" depending on your level and pick a video that seems comfortable for you. This YouTube stretch video is a great start. It's not too fancy, the moves are clear and solid, and the video is only three minutes and 12 seconds long.

You can also Google "posture stretches, exercises" and go from there. Make an appointment with yourself to stretch each day and don't miss it for the first 2 weeks...after that you will be hooked and it will be easy to continue. You don't need much time or effort in exchange for what you are going to get back.

Start developing your secret weapon today and in just a few days you will see how stretching becomes one of life's ultimate secret weapons!

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