Strike a Pose: The Super-Hero Pose for Greater Power in Your Business

Strike a Pose: The Super-Hero Pose for Greater Power in Your Business
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Before writing this blog, I set my timer at two minutes. I placed my fists on my hips, spread my legs, lifted my chest, and gazed to the heavens. I struck the Super-Hero pose.

At first, I questioned if I had it right. Then, I felt calmer. The calmness transitioned into confidence. I thrust my chest out just a bit more as if to signify that I am, indeed, strong and confident. Then, frankly, I started to laugh thinking how funny I must look to anyone passing my business.

It didn’t matter, however. I wanted to find out if the research was right.

Gray Chatter During a recent episode of my guilty pleasure, Gray’s Anatomy, Amelia was preparing to perform an unimaginable surgery on Dr. Herman. The stress was palpable. One little slip and Dr. Herman’s illustrious medical career would be over. While preparing to “scrub in” for the long and dangerous surgery, Amelia struggled with a mini-meltdown. To regain her confidence, she struck a super-hero pose. Stephanie, her loyal assistant, questioned her behavior until Amelia shared that research shows that striking a super-hero pose improves ones confidence when doing a super-hero thing. Really?! Okay, I was skeptical. It’s Hollywood, after all. Yet, deep down, I wanted to believe that I, too, possess super-hero powers. Gray Matter Researchers wanted to know if assuming a certain pose would alter the brain’s chemistry. Would the super-hero, high-power pose, alter the brain’s testosterone-cortisol balance? Their answer was “yes”. Study participants experienced an increase in testosterone (power hormone), with an accompanying decrease in cortisol (stress hormone), when assuming the super-hero pose. Additionally, researchers wanted to know if assuming the super-hero pose triggered an accompanying change in behavior consistent with that of a super hero. Again, the answer was “yes.” In as little time as two (2) minutes, the superhero stance elevates confidence. It alters hormone production; lifting the power hormone and reducing the stress hormone. As science demonstrates, body posture influences our brains and, consequently, our feelings. According to science, if you pose like a super-hero, you’ll think like a super-hero, and act like a super-hero. Seems like good advice for any business owner. Plus, who am I to argue with science?

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