Strike By Syrian Organizations And Syrian Staff Working In International Organizations And Corporations For Aleppo

Last night, the regime raided Eastern Aleppo and committed mass field executions, killing entire families and burning civilians alive. The international community has provided no meaningful response to the crimes amounting to genocide being committed by the Assad regime and Russia in Syria, and most recently in Aleppo.

Currently, 50,000 people remain besieged in Eastern Aleppo within a 2 kilometer radius. To date, they have withstood systematic and ongoing violence in all forms, including starvation, mass executions, barrel bombs, airstrikes, and bunker buster bombs.

Syrian organizations have paused work, and announced a national day of strike, as an outcry against the international community's continuous inaction against the crimes of mass proportion occurring throughout Syria and most notably in Aleppo. Syrian staff in large U.K. and U.S.A funded programs have also joined the strike, demanding that international programs protect their staff, their beneficiaries, and partners.

The listed demands include, securing a safe passage for the 50,000 people who remain trapped in Eastern Aleppo and international pressure to stop the ongoing crimes in Aleppo, including the field executions, enforced disappearances, and forced military conscriptions.

The Syrian Organizations who have signed the statement include: Baytna Syria Kesh Malek Violet Organization Masar Sanad Organization Muzun Alkhaer Mouwatana for Civil Action Balad Syria Local Development Organization LDO Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support Life Makers Sahme Initiative Ghorras Alamal Space of Hope Baslam Coordination Committee for Camps and Refugess Shafak Shades of Care Humanitarian Orgnaization Volunteers for Hope Team Humanitarian Training Center AFKAR Foundation Boulevard Middle East Window for Media Services Syrian Civil Society Platform LDSPS Alatareb Youth Organization Spirit Good Light Group Syrian Civil Society Podium Be Free Team Aman Network Civil Society Center in Atareb Fingerprints towards Development Olive Branch Suyana Hope Team Life for Orphans Association Growth of Syria A.D Group Syria Breeze Radio