String Theory's Tribute To Graduating Class Covers Songs Throughout The Years (VIDEO)

Backstreet Boys, Blink 182 and Outkast might bring back memories of sleepovers, concerts and summer days riding shotgun next to your BFF, but for the class of 2012, these were the tunes of their childhood. To recognize this, one trio created a rather awesome tribute to this year's graduates by composing a medley of 14 songs released between 1999 and 2012.

String Theory's Suyog Padgaonkar, Ben Kloss, and Minzo Kim played the melody with a viola, guitar and cello as audience members at North Penn High School jumped in and sang along to Usher, Jason Mraz and, yes, even Uncle Kracker (what's he been up to lately, BTW?).

The tribute, titled "Circle of Life," began with the classic Disney song of the same name before transitioning into "I Want It That Way" and concluded with the notorious graduation anthem by Vitamin C.

Curious to learn which songs String Theory covered? Watch the video above or check out the full list on suyogpad's YouTube channel.

Feel like jamming to some throwback tunes yet? Yeah, us too.