Strip Club Booker's More Likely To Use AOL Email Addresses: Study

Strip Club Goers More Likely To Use AOL Email: Study

People in the U.K. who want a strip club as part of their bachelor party experience are more likely to plunk down an AOL email address when booking the stag of their dreams, according to a new report.

A press release from the U.K.-based event booking agency, declares "groups booking with AOL email addresses are most likely to book a visit to a strip club. Whereas groups booking with email accounts from Gmail, Sky, personal or Hotmail accounts are more likely to book activities based around pub crawls, eating out and nightclub entry."

A graphic, shown below indicates that, of all the Chilisauce customers planning a bachelor party who use an AOL email address when booking, 25.7 percent wanted a strip club to be part of their night.

By contrast, only 18.25 percent of Gmail users in the same category booked a strip club.

AOL email users also planned slightly cheaper bachelor parties than other email domains. The report is based on data from 97,000 Chilisauce customers.

The research doesn't appear to control for users who might have multiple email accounts, say a Gmail account, a Yahoo account and an AOL account. So it's possible people are just more likely to list their AOL email address.

An AOL spokesperson declined to speak to us about this story, even though AOL is the parent company of the Huffington Post.

Infographic:strip club aol

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