Rick's Cabaret Strip Club Stops Showing New York Giants Games, Says They're Killing The Mood

A New York City strip club will no longer bump and grind to the New York Giants on TV this season.

On Monday, Rick's Cabaret confirmed reports that it will no longer show the winless team's games because they're a turnoff.

"Removing the Giants game was at the request of the customers who said it was just too painful to watch," club spokesman Lonnie Hanover told The Huffington Post.

Hanover said the club was busy Sunday when the Giants led the Eagles 21-19 in the third quarter, but when the team surrendered 17 unanswered points to lose 36-21 and fall to 0-5, patrons turned sad.

"We don't want negativity; we want fun," Hanover said. "There are lots of other great things to look at at a strip club."

At least one of the workers agrees the mood changes after a loss.

"I’ve been showing off my new 34Ds and getting compliments all the time, except right after Giants games," Rick’s Cabaret worker Yvonne told Busted Coverage, which originally reported the story. "The guys are sort of deflated. They take that football stuff too seriously!"

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Credit: Rick's Cabaret