Atlanta Strippers Debut Creative Get Out Vote Campaign

The project's website?

A new get out the vote campaign developed by a group of Atlanta strippers shows that 2020 really isn’t politics as usual. Their cheeky campaign slogan? “Get your booty to the poll.”

The project’s promo video features women who work at various clubs across the city dancing as they tell viewers why they need to cast a ballot in November:

“Want trades and coding taught in our schools? Then vote for the school boards that will prepare us for the job market.”

“Want to end cash bail? Well, then vote for the sheriffs and county officials that feel the same way you do.”

“It’s clear Black Lives don’t matter to some of our current elected officials, if they matter to you then don’t let other people decide who is gonna run your community. Get your booty to the poll!”

People who visit will find resources for registering to vote, as well as how to find information about local candidates and ballot measures.

Some people praised the effort, especially its emphasis on local politics.

At least one person expressed regret that the women behind the video weren’t in charge of the Democratic Party’s get out the vote effort.

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