Strippers 'Hands Down' Say GOP 'Best Customers' At Party Conventions

Democrats and Republicans have equal interest in polls. One of them just pays a bit more attention to who’s dancing on them.

That’s right, we’re talking stripping and politics, two topics that seldom converge like they do during the national conventions, now roughly two months away. Strip clubs at both the Democratic host city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Republican host city of Tampa, Florida, are expecting big bucks from convention goers -- and dancers at the latter event should expect a mini-boon of their own.

“Hands down, the Republicans have always been our best customers,” Angela Spencer of the Association of Club Executives, a national organization for adult nightclubs, told WFAE-FM. “I have heard club owners say, ‘Boy, those Republicans really are great customers.’” (Hat tip tothe Tampa Bay Times)

Strip clubs in Tampa have been anticipating the convention for nearly a year, and it's no secret that g-strings are one way into a Republican's wallet.

"Republicans got plenty of money,” Joe Redner, owner of Tampa’s Mons Venus, told The Huffington Post last September. “They take it all from poor people."

What happened during the last conventions? A Baylor University study found that the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions "increased the count of Craigslist sex worker ads by a substantial amount" in the surrounding communities.

All that withstanding, don’t expect to see President Obama or Mitt Romney at the clubs. After the Republican National Committee picked up the tab at a Los Angeles bondage club in 2010, any politician with half a brain should know to avoid all association with them. Who would ever want to live through the criticism endured by Michael Steele?

There may be one familiar political face making an appearance in the clubs surrounding the Republican National Convention: Sarah Palin's. It just won't actually be her. After prolonged speculation, Lisa Ann, star in the the “Nailin’ Palin” adult film series, will appear at several Tampa strip clubs over the weekend.