Strive To Thrive: Larry Kinnard Learns The Meaning Of 'Fat,' Takes First Steps Toward Dropping 80 Pounds (VIDEO)

Despite being the butt of jokes about weight, Larry Kinnard says he didn't even know what "fat" was when he was a kid. So he went home and asked his mom.

"Fat is just a mean word that people call bigger people ... you're just a big boy, you're big boned," she responded, laying the groundwork for an unhealthy lifestyle that did benefit Kinnard for a while (his size helped him land a spot as an offensive lineman on his school football team), but would also prove to be a risk factor for diseases like diabetes and heart disease down the road.

Topping 300 pounds at one point in his life, Kinnard finally received a wake-up call.

Watch as he describes the loss that prompted his first step toward losing weight and check back to see how Kinnard is doing now.