Striving For The Best Things in Life: A Sign of Arrogance or Healthy Self-Esteem?


Life grants us a lot of opportunities, and it's all entirely in our hands how we use those opportunities. Of course, it takes certain efforts to find those opportunities, to realize what you love doing in life and take the advantage of those possibilities in life. It takes enormous efforts to overcome laziness, step out into the outside world and start doing something instead of only talking about what could have been done. And it's much easier to talk about it rather than take some action. It rarely happens in life that we have perfect conditions for fulfilling all our aspirations, and even if we do, we don't always see or appreciate them. I think the main reason for that is the fear, reluctance of getting out of one's comfort zone and rational justification for not taking some action in life.

I've met quite a lot of people in my life who would constantly complain about the social, political situation in the country which stays in the way of their self-development and dream realization. They would complain about their country, their job, their boss, parents, etc., etc. for not giving them the opportunity to do what they want to do. But the minute you would ask such people questions: "What did you do to fulfill your dreams?" What steps have you taken in life to achieve what you want?" The answer, no matter where the person is from, in most cases, would be all the same: "If I were in a different situation, I would do this and that, but, since I am in a situation I am, I have to do the job I don't quite like, I have to live in the place I don't like, etc." And then you realize that there's no perfect country, perfect conditions or perfect job, - it all comes from the inside, it's the ability of the person to see the opportunities in the situation others don't see, take risks in life and have the courage to follow your heart. It's much easier to blame someone else for one's failures in life, be it the country, political leader or other people. But a mature person should take full responsibility for his or her life and realize that only he or she can decide how to live and what to do in life. It's challenging, as life isn't all roses, and at times one should make some sacrifice to move ahead in one's career, at times one has to deal with mistakes and failures, make some conclusions and move further in life. But I think we can only be happy when we take full responsibility for our actions and stop blaming others for our failures.

And I believe that we should strive only for the best things for ourselves in life and do everything possible to achieve that. That's why at times it's even good to turn off some job offers if we believe we deserve something better. Making extra efforts in life, striving to be the best and believing in oneself will always yield only positive results. For example, there are quite a lot of job opportunities for IT geeks, but the job should be not only about earning good money but also should bring satisfaction and opportunities for self-improvement. That's why it's worth contacting some agencies that can offer the best tech jobs depending on one's skills and wishes. The same is true about everything we do in life, be it finding an apartment we feel comfortable to be living in or the food, etc., depending on our individual needs and desires.

I believe that we should always try to be better than we are, to strive for perfection in everything we do in life. It might require more efforts, but every effort is going to be rewarded eventually. And it's not about being arrogant, but it's more about believing in oneself and having a healthy self-esteem.