Stroller Fitness: Workout and bond with your baby

Some of the reasons some mothers are unable to workout include but are not limited to: not having enough time, having a child to care for, feelings of tiredness, guilt over taking time away from their kids for themselves. Having a baby definitely changes your workout routine to some extent. You probably do not have that 100% freedom to workout whenever and wherever you want to. Sometimes, the idea of waking up before your baby seems like a perfect idea but in reality may be hard when you barely get a full night sleep in the first place. No matter how well you schedule your week, block out workout time on your calendar or plan your day, some days, it may not go as planned.

Staying fit is an investment to your health. It gives you a sense of control over yourself both physically and mentally, keeps you healthy, lowers your risk of certain diseases, gives you energy in your everyday life and also to have fun with your kids or even get an escape session.

Whether you are a new mom, experienced mom, mom of one, two or any number of kids, there are several ways to workout by including your kids in your workout and they require minimal equipment . They can be done anywhere you choose or even while taking a walk with your kids.

Below is a video of some workout moves with my baby using the baby carrier and my stroller. For the full length video and more fitness resources, click here


What you need

Baby carrier or wrap ( i used the Lillibaby carrier in the video)

Stroller (I used the Graco jogging stroller in the video)

Benefits of baby workout

It provides time for you to workout while spending quality time bonding with your baby.

It is  flexible since you don't necessarily have to block out the time to workout.

It is great exercise for your kids.

You get a natural weight progression as they get bigger.

They can act as extra weight for you, thus giving you a more challenging workout.

Your baby will eventually learn the importance of fitness by watching you.

You only need minimal equipment.

Safety tips

Support baby's head if wearing your baby. Preferably, wait till they can support their heads by themselves.

Workout in a safe space if your baby is able to move around or if working out with a toddler.

Make sure your baby isn't hungry or they will end up being grumpy.

Be adaptable especially if you have an active toddler, they may be in the mood for a different kind of workout instead of your well laid out plan.

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