Stormy Daniels' Attorney: Something Among Our Accusations About Trump Has Occurred During His Presidency

But he won't say what.

An attorney for Stephanie Clifford ― the adult film star who goes by the name Stormy Daniels and has alleged President Donald Trump’s lawyer paid her to stay silent about an affair with Trump ― said Friday that at least one element of his client’s allegations against the president has occurred since his inauguration.  

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked attorney Michael Avenatti: “Is there anything in the litany of accusations — you would call them facts — that surround this case that happened while Donald Trump was president?” 

“Yes,” Avenatti responded, but he declined to elaborate. 

When Tapper asked Avenatti why people should care about an alleged sexual relationship between Trump and Daniels from many years ago, the attorney answered: “It’s all about the cover-up.”

Avenatti repeated an earlier charge that Daniels had been physically threatened to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. He also encouraged viewers to watch “60 Minutes” on March 25, when an interview with Daniels is scheduled to air.

“I think that when the American people hear from my client, who will provide details — very specific details related to this threat — they will conclude, as I have, that this was not a random threat by some wing nut ... out of the blue,” he said. 

Daniels has filed a lawsuit to nullify her agreement to keep quiet about her alleged relationship with Trump, and the president and his personal attorney are attempting to get it transferred to federal court. They also claim they can sue her for $20 million for violating the secrecy agreement, for which she was paid $130,000.

Check out the rest of Avenatti’s interview above. His comments about what might have occurred during Trump’s presidency come at the end around the 8:30 mark.