16 Tips To Grow Strong, Healthy Nails (PHOTOS)

The Stressful Habit That Can Stunt Your Nail Growth

Raise your hands (or maybe not) if you've broken a nail in the past few days. Or noticed that your fingernails are starting to fray and split way too easily. We've surely got enough snags in our cashmere sweaters and runs up and down our black tights.

Frustrated with how weak our nails have become and beyond baffled over our manicures barely making it to the five-day mark, we asked three nail pros to spill their secrets on growing strong and healthy nails. Click through the slideshow below for 16 nail care tips, including the truth about nail strengtheners, what you should do before shoving your hands under the salon's LED lamp and why you'd want to think twice before unhooking a trapped zipper with your fingernail.

Stop biting and picking your nails.

16 Tips To Grow Strong, Healthy Nails

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