15 Struggles Anyone From Hawaii Will Relate To

🎶Where I live, there are rainbows.🎶And centipedes. And flying cockroaches.

In the eyes of mainland America, Hawaii is an idyllic island getaway where the palm trees sway and the mai tais flow.

We won't lie to you: the palm trees do sway, the beaches are as beautiful as they are in the pictures, and we've never been known to say no to a mai tai. Living in Hawaii, however, comes with a unique set of struggles locals know all too well.

Below, problems anyone from Hawaii will relate to.

1. This is your idea of romance.

2. And this is a deal breaker.

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3. This house costs $1 million. (Seriously.)

4. And it probably comes with built-in roommates.

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5. You have no idea what "endless breadsticks" refers to or why people freak out about it. 

6. And this is as close as you'll get to authentic Mexican food.

7. But at least the possibilities are endless in other respects.

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8. You rely on Starbucks to tell you what season it is. 

The only way you can tell it's fall is from your @Starbucks order. #hawaiiproblems

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9. Sometimes your slipper tan gets out of hand.

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10. But you'd guard these bad boys with your life.

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11. Especially your formal pair.

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12. You're a total rainbow snob. Anything less than 3/4 just doesn't count. 

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13. You live in fear that the world will discover your favorite spot. (Sorry.)


14. Even though sometimes the beach isn't all it's cracked up to be.

15. Nevertheless, nothing can change your love for Hawaii. Except maybe this: 

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