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Struggling With Blog Content? Use These 10 Ideas

Creating a blog for your business provides several benefits. It can increase your organic search engine traffic, help build brand awareness, provide insight about your products and or services, and help convert your prospects into customers.
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Creating a blog for your business provides several benefits. It can increase your organic search engine traffic, help build brand awareness, provide insight about your products and or services, and help convert your prospects into customers.

We keep our blog over at Market Domination Media updated daily, but we always have more than enough topics in the pipeline. Not every business has this luxury and will eventually struggle to come up with new blog content. Here are some ideas that you can use to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Current Industry News

Writing about your industry is a great way to target your users that are in different stages of your industry's purchase cycle. There is really no ceiling when it comes to writing about your industry, as you can discuss past, present, and future trends or recap current events happening within your industry. Turning to your industry is the fastest way to get blog content ideas.

2. Community Involvement

Your business blog doesn't always have to be filled with blog posts related to the products or services you sell. If your business is involved with any community events take the time to write a blog post about it. This is a great way to get additional press, and it also shows your potential customers that your business is involved with the local community.

3. Industry Blog Recap

There are probably some large industry blogs that you follow and read daily (if you don't you are missing out!) that can give you great content to talk about. You can create a blog post that highlights some good blog posts that you have read recently. Write a short recap paragraph for each and make sure to link to the original blog posts.

4. Company New & Promotions

If there is big news within your organization it can give you an opportunity for a piece of blog content. Instead of writing it like a press release, use this as an opportunity to highlight some of your company culture. When consumers feel like they are connected to your brand it build trust and that leads to conversions, sales, and revenue.

5. Product or Service Insight

Don't confuse this with product or service reviews. Your blog readers don't want to read glorified advertisements, but they would be interested in any kind of insight related to production or behind the scenes information about what you sell. Your consumers are curious, so use that as leverage to educate them about what you offer in an interesting way.

6. Sponsorship Announcements

Your business blog is a great place to announce sponsorship of causes or events. This is another great way to show your potential customers that your brand is involved with different organizations and events, and not solely focused on just collecting revenue. No sponsorship is too small to mention. Sponsor a local Little League team? Mention it in a blog post!

7. Infographics

Your blog content doesn't necessarily have to be text based in order for it to be successful. Using infographics is a great way to present your blog readers with data. Since infographics present information in a visual manner, more readers will actually "read" the data instead of skimming over it, which is likely if it was presented in a block of text. Also, with so many people really loving infographics it leads to a lot of social sharing. With so many blogs using infographics it is important to make sure yours stand out. Put the time and effort into the content and design and you will see excellent results.

8. Podcasts & Video

As mentioned above, your blog content doesn't have to be strictly text bases. Podcasts and videos are a great way to deliver messages to your audience, and since not every blog is utilizing this type of content you will usually see a high engagement rate. This is also a great way to get your visitors to keep returning to your blog, as they know you have a variety of content formats.

9. Testimonials

If you have received feedback from past customers that showcase your products or services then why not tell your potential customers about it? Again, avoid writing it in an overly promotional way, and if you can use content written by the customer it gives it an even more authentic feel.

10. List Posts

List posts are great. Blog titles like "Top 10 reasons..." or "5 ways to..." do a great job of attracting clicks. Take a look at the title of this post. This is a classic example of a simple list post.

When done correctly, your blog can be a very powerful marketing tool, so make sure to focus on creating high quality blog posts that provide value to your reader. Informative blog posts convert prospects into conversions and revenue for your business.

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