Slap Bracelet Inventor Donates To Students Who Accidentally Received Nude Photos As Reward

Replacement Presents Donated To Children Who Accidentally Received Nude Photos

When he heard about the students at Jay Elementary School in Santa Rosa County, Fla. who accidentally received slap bracelets with nude photos beneath a cloth wrapping, Stuart Anders, the product's inventor, lept into action.

Once school authorities realized the bracelets had inappropriate pictures printed on the metal, they attempted to collect them back from the students, who had earned them as a reward for their fundraising.

"It was one of those calls you get from parents where you say, 'Really?'" Santa Rosa County School District spokesman Bill Emerson told Reuters. "Then it turns out to be true."

Not wanting the children to be without their winnings, Anders shipped 200 of his original bracelet, or '"Slap Wrap," to the school.

The bracelets confiscated from some of the elementary school students were received from a Nashville-based company, Reading for Education, LLC, who purchased them from China.

Read his full message to the students below:

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