YouTube Magician Stuart Edge Helps Homeless With Money Magic Trick (VIDEO)

WATCH: YouTube Magician Turns $1 Into $100 For Homeless

YouTube magician Stuart Edge, who we've come to know for his viral kissing pranks, is warming our hearts this week with a trick for the homeless.

He delighted panhandlers on the streets of Provo and Orem, Utah, by turning $1 into a $100 bill, and then letting them keep it.

"Ever since getting into magic, I wanted to learn some cool money tricks.. and this one, just felt right," he wrote. "I was nervous because every time I did the trick, it would cost me $100. I did the trick 10 times!"

The video has been viewed more than 800,000 times since being posted to Edge's YouTube channel on Tuesday. In the post, he asked viewers to share any good deeds they'd witnessed or done recently on his Twitter account.

YouTube user Greg Potter commented:

This is wonderful man!! I didnt have 10 $100 bills to spare, but I helped feed two homeless people yesterday but giving them fruit, water, and granola bars I had in my car (in an ice chest) that I was going to have for snacks while out doing work in the field...made me feel great to help those in need!! You are my hero!

Others asked Edge for a tutorial so that they could share the trick with homeless in their areas. The magician has promised to reveal his secrets if the video is well-received.

See more magic tricks and pranks on Edge's YouTube channel.

H/T: msnNOW

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