Scientists Seriously Can't Handle This Adorable Lil' Stubby Squid

And frankly, neither can we.
Hello, friend.
Hello, friend.

We honestly can’t tell what’s more adorable: This chubby, googly-eyed sea creature or the reactions of researchers who are clearly overwhelmed by its sheer adorableness.

“It looks so fake,” exclaims one woman. “It’s like some little kid dropped their toy.”

They identify the creature in the video as a Stubby squid (yeah, that’s really its name. Or, if you want to be more scientific, Rossia pacifica.) The critters, which are not true squids, are actually more closely related to cuttlefish and inhabit the north Pacific, between Japan and Southern California.

The video was shot by people aboard the E/V Nautilus, a research vessel exploring areas of the ocean off the shore of California. The team uses remotely operated vehicles to film the ocean floor. They’re broadcasting their footage live here.

And while most people watching this video will probably be able to relate to the sheer joy of the scientists, some people inexplicably identify more with the squid.

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