The Trick To Making Sure Old Drawers Never Get Stuck Again

You just need one common household item and four quick seconds.

Yes, there are worse things in the world than dealing with a drawer that constantly gets stuck. But whether you're trying to reach an important kitchen utensil or a favorite t-shirt, a drawer that won't move can rank right up there on your list of peeves.

Carpenter Carmen De La Paz of "Home Made Simple" often works with older pieces of furniture and she's found a trick that she swears by for even the most stubborn stuck drawers. 

"Use a little bit of wax -- a candle, a bar of soap -- and you're going to run it under the track where the door slides and glides," De La Paz says.

She demonstrates her trick in the above video, taking all of four seconds. "There you go," she says. "Easy-flowing doors."

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