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Stuck In An Elevator? Better Start Belting Out Some Aerosmith Tunes (VIDEO)

Deep tracks only, you guys.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, a group of college kids at the University of the West of England in Bristol became stuck in an elevator.

According to Reddit user bumblesquash, the group of nine were stuck in there for some time:

"I was one of the guys stuck in this lift haha, it's Mendip Court on Frenchay Campus at UWE in Bristol. Everyone was pretty drunk so it was just funny, although we were stuck in there for over an hour so by the end one girl was panicking quite a bit."

Perhaps serenading that panicked, drunk girl with some Aerosmith was the only way to set her at ease.

But seriously, you college dopes, haven't you ever heard of "Love In An Elevator"? Because that would have been perfect.