Student Brings Typewriter To Class (VIDEO)

Not everyone can afford a fresh laptop, but old-fashioned pen and paper might be better than lugging a typewriter around campus.

Just tell that to this student who brought his relic into the classroom.

Much to the amusement of the student behind the camera, the young man clicks away at the typewriter as the professor lectures to the room.

The stunt was likely a joke, but it's safe to say the excessive click-clacking eventually unnerved nearby students.

And while it may be comical to see a typewriter in a modern-day classroom, YouTube user hyosyd makes a valid point: "50 years from now someone will do a prank about bringing a laptop into their lecture."

To some, the machines might be blast from the past, but at least one Arizona teacher has found a way to incorporate typewriters into the curriculum.

Ryan Adney brought the machines into his classroom at Phoenix's Alhambra High School and encouraged students to use them for assignments, the State Press reports. He said he saw students' spelling improving.

"When you’re typing on a typewriter, your mistakes are very obvious, and they’re very much impossible to correct. So the next time you write that word, you need to make sure you spell it correctly,” Adney told the State Press in 2011.