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Student Gets Trapped In Vagina Sculpture (PHOTOS)

We bet he feels like a d--k.

An American exchange student had to be rescued after he got stuck inside a giant vagina sculpture.

The Guardian reports that the unidentified student got trapped on Friday at the Tübingen University's institute for microbiology and virology in southern Germany.

22 firefighters had to pry him loose.

According to the Mirror, the sculpture, called "Pi-Chacan," was crafted by Fernando de la Jara and has been on display since 2001. Its name "is said to mean ‘love making’ in Peruvian-Indian," the Mirror reports.

"I was there!!! He just wanted to take a funny picture,“ witness Erick Guzman posted to Imgur, according to the Herald Sun. “The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed.”

The Sun points out there is still at least one mystery unsolved in this whole debacle:

"Exactly how the student explained his position to local authorities has not yet been reported."

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