Student Posts Video Of Cat Literally Eating Their Homework (VIDEO)

It's the oldest excuse in the book (though we wonder who the original user could have been) but in this student's case, there may be some legitimacy.

Reddit user kittymonzo posted a YouTube video of her cat viciously mauling what is identified as the owner's homework assignment on the kitchen counter. Okay, so maybe not viciously, but the feline is certainly going to town on that piece of paper.

Which begs the question -- why didn't she (we're assuming the user is female based on the laugh in the video) just grab the paper away from the kitty?

It seems we weren't the only ones with the thought, as user MotorcycleCK asked the same thing.

"But didn't the teacher ask why you didn't put the camera down and prevent the cat from eating your homework," the user commented.

"It was a print-out of a NY Times crossword for extra credit," kittymonzo responded. "He didn't care much and actually laughed at the video."

Well, at least she didn't get in trouble!