Here's What Procrastinators Are Doing Instead Of Schoolwork

Here's What Procrastinators Are Doing Instead Of Schoolwork

Regardless of gender or age, you probably do your fair share of procrastinating if you're in school.

A new study out Tuesday from StudyMode, an international network that provides students with online learning tools, breaks down who procrastinates and why. The study gleaned its results by surveying more than 1,300 of the network's student members in high school and college.

Approximately 87 percent of those polled said they procrastinate on school assignments, as shown below.


Slightly more male and college students reported procrastinating on work, even though 45 percent of those surveyed said they know "procrastination negatively impacts their grades very often or fairly regularly," according to the study.

Most students said they procrastinate either because they get distracted by other things, or because they get "overwhelmed and don't know where to start," as the graph below displays.


Lastly, the study broke down what activities students choose over doing work. Unsurprisingly, procrastinating students spend much of their time watching TV or using social media -- and only minimal time reading.


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