Student Wakes Allegedly Sleeping Bus Driver 'Barreling' Down Highway (VIDEO)

After reportedly falling asleep while driving a school bus full of kids down a highway in Tacoma, Wash., the 65-year-old driver has been put on administrative leave, KCPQ-TV reports.

According to the report, a student noticed the situation and "grabbed the driver's arm to wake him."

"All I can say is thank God he was paying attention and acted the way he did," Roxanne Moore, the mother of a student on the bus, told the station. "Because I don't want to think about what would have happened."

The incident is currently under investigation, and whether the driver has a medical condition that could have caused the ill-timed snooze is currently unclear.

Last month, a New Jersey bus driver was charged with drunk driving after a student texted her mother, saying, "Mommy I think our bus driver is drunk she's not driving right." Authorities say the driver, Carole Crokett, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.25 percent, which is five times the legal limit for operating a commercial vehicle.

In Maryland, 20 people were sent to the hospital after a school bus full of students was involved in a three-vehicle accident. The accident was caused by 45-year-old truck driver John Patrick Kravats, who was arrested on a DUI charge.