Student Wears Darth Vader Helmet On School Bus Allegedly To Ward Off Bullies (VIDEO)

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Reddit user Gordopolis has uploaded an upsetting video of a student wearing a Darth Vader helmet on a school bus -- something he believes is an effort to protect himself from bullies.

While attempts made by The Huffington Post to contact the user for more information have not been successful, the video clearly shows other students harassing the student, and his attempt to appease the taunting with the helmet has perhaps only made it worse.

Despite the lack of details, the video is similar to one featuring Karen Klein, a bus monitor from Greece, N.Y., who endured vicious emotional abuse at the hands of the students she was watching.

In that disturbing video, children can be heard calling Klein an "ugly fat ass" and telling the widow, "you don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they don't want to be near you."

In an outpouring of support from Internet users, Klein has received more than $600,000 in donations through donation site Indiegogo.

The boys responsible for the incident, two of whom issued apologies through their local police, were suspended from school for one year.

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